Madrid luxury escort agency

How far is the limit?

Now the best luxury escorts in Madrid at your fingertips, thanks to the luxury escort agency Carla Mila.

We are a serious and discreet agency, that we realize all the sexual fantasies of our clients in the city of Madrid.

Do not play with other escort agencies in Madrid. Without a doubt, we set a benchmark and are leaders in the high quality support service.

W e think that the term escort is already so popular that any girl who provides sexual services uses it to define herself. But its origin, coming from English, means escort, companion. Therefore, and given the common use of the word escort, which is already used for any activity related to prostitution without further ado, we want to define our girls as true luxury escorts.

And it is that a luxury escort is not only that young woman with whom to maintain relationships without more. You can find true luxury escorts on our website. Spanish girls who in addition to being very sexually active also offer a series of services that are not so common within the escort landscape.

They are prepared women, with whom to have a relaxed conversation. Luxury escorts who daily tone their body in the gym and do sports. They also take care of their diet and most importantly they frequently go to the gynecologist to have regular medical check-ups.

Carla Mila Your Madrid escort agency


Within the panorama of Madrid escort agencies, Carla Mila was born a few years ago with a clear vocation to always offer the best services of the girls who collaborate with one of the most considered agencies in Madrid; so that an appointment with one of our luxury escorts in the capital will always be an unforgettable and unique experience, full of unforgettable moments.

Mostly young women, models or hostesses who combine their work as escorts with other jobs or college girls. Radiant beauty, Spanish and always willing to offer the best personalized service; Of course with a high sense of discretion in all your appointments.


What sets us apart from other Madrid escort agencies?


Cities like Madrid and Barcelona offer a wide variety of luxury escort agencies. They are the two great capitals where the largest number of population in Spain is concentrated. Tourism, a great economic engine of Spain is no stranger to hiring the services of the girls of the escort agencies. In addition to the endless fairs, events, sporting events, attract thousands of men in Madrid or Barcelona every year eager to spend moments of high pleasure with Spanish escort girls.

The philosophy that Carla Mila contains as one of the best escort agencies in Madrid, is above all to offer a personal, direct treatment, to advise which will be the perfect Spanish companion to live an experience that you will not forget.

Por este motivo, y a diferencia de muchas de las agencias de escorts de Madrid o Barcelona, estamos exentos de telefonistas que trabajan por turnos y no ofrecen ese trato tan personal. Cualquier persona que llame para concertar una cita, siempre encontrará al otro lado del teléfono a la misma persona que atenderá sus dudas o explicará con todo lujo de detalles los servicios de nuestra agencia de escorts de lujo y más concretamente los de las chicas españolas que ofrecen gran variedad de servicios en cada cita. Bien sean de compañía o exclusivamente disfrutar del sexo. O por supuesto ambos servicios a la vez. Lo que en definitiva serán grandes momentos de placer.

Everything is well reflected in our website, but still, we offer a deal in several languages so that any service or appointment is more than an encounter, but an experience with any of the Spanish luxury escorts of our agency.

We have strived these years to publicize our Madrid escort agency through multiple versions of our website. And all so that our clients can contact us to answer any questions, in order to enjoy the best service, both attention, and the best service also by the Spanish ladies of Madrid, always full of moments of pleasure .Our escort agency Madrid is the only one in Spain where they only offer their services of company and sex Spanish escorts.


Are we only a Spanish escort agency?


The answer is yes. We are in Spain, we want to assert what is ours, and that those who visit Madrid can enjoy Spanish women. Somehow what they are looking for, Spanish escorts, girls also like those in Barcelona with an international fame.

The beauty of Spanish luxury escorts in Spain, and more specifically in the capital, is highly valued for those seeking pleasure and the best and new experiences in relation to sex. But also, and enjoying the long nights of Madrid, they require company to have dinner, spend a romantic evening, or who knows, then take a trip with one of the VIP ladies they can meet in Madrid. Experiences full of moments of pleasure.

Like Barcelona, the capital of Spain also offers a special atmosphere to enjoy in the best company. They are the Spanish university escorts, because of their youth, knowledge of languages, culture and knowing how to be, the preferred women for those who come to know and enjoy Spain, and more specifically the night of Madrid. Foreigners who visit Madrid, are the ones who most request these services, so after seeing the luxury girls of the agency through the web, they get in touch to request the services of one or more of the escort escorts. Moments of pleasure are always assured.

And it is that only in Spain can meet Spanish escorts of great beauty. Those born in other countries, such as Brazil, Colombia, South American in general or those that come from Eastern Countries can always contact these escorts in their countries of origin.

Also the fact that in our Madrid escort agency the ladies are Spanish, is because there is a growing demand for company services with discreet girls, women who can go unnoticed in any situation, and whose good communication with the Customer is always a part of the requested services. Both will enjoy the best moments of pleasure.

In these cases, both the Spanish escorts in Madrid and those who want their company seek the same thing: the most absolute discretion, so no one will suspect anywhere that a man’s casual partner is that of a VIP girl who will never call the attention, except for its beauty. Thus, the best moments of pleasure and discretion will be assured. That is our mission and of course that of the VIP girls in the capital of Spain.

Education, good manners and discretion are rising values. The girls of our agency presume to be able to always meet those expectations and confidence that the client places in the agency. That’s why they are Carla Mila girls. Highly prepared for an appointment full of the best moments of pleasure.

Also the fact that the girls reside in the capital, make them know a series of suitable places to spend the best moments of pleasure and fun. Whether restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues and all environments so that both Madrid escorts and their occasional lovers can enjoy, never without neglecting sex, which usually comes later. In many cases it is the agency itself that is responsible for making the reservation, without any supplement, of the premises that customers prefer to meet and enjoy the services of our girls, always ensuring the best moments of pleasure. Our job is that every appointment goes perfectly. Miss Vip’s is insured.

And is that the Spanish escorts of our escort agency, are not professionals as we mentioned above. They are mostly Spanish university girls, or workers from other sectors, who always enjoy each service, being able to combine their daily occupations with the fact of offering sex and company to those who claim their services as escorts or VIP girls.

Our agency covers a comprehensive service, since there are not a few, those who, in love with the charms and beauty of our VIP girls, want your company in their home cities. The agency’s luxury escorts, move without any problem. It is always the agency itself that takes care of all the details and details so that, both the escorts and their clients, just dedicate themselves to enjoying the experience while preserving the discretion of both.

The beauty of the companions of Spain is greatly admired abroad, as we are the first European country with so many escorts. Madrid and Barcelona are the two nerve centers of sex with VIP girls.




What is the secret of the success of the Spanish escorts in Madrid?

After years of collaborating with Spanish ladies, in our agency, we have realized that their best weapons are naturalness, simplicity and discretion.

Not being professional escorts who perform multiple services at low cost every day, the girls of our agency, live the deal with the client in a more natural way. Without thinking about their loyalty, or the excessive importance of money. These Vip ladies usually enjoy their meetings more, the company they offer, since with this escort work they feel almost privileged, giving everything so that their partner enjoys the best moments of pleasure. Hence, all girls have a GFE attitude, and on each date they can also enjoy something that we all love: sex.

Other agencies, on the other hand, do have escorts that have an availability for any service 24 hours a day. Their years are usually very different, as is their nationality, or the years they have, but always willing to offer a service with whatever girl, whatever is available at that time.

This leads to colder treatment. Based exclusively on implicit sex, without providing other experiences to the client who may be looking for a company where discretion and services are not clear from the start.

On the other hand, contact agencies, not escorts, place ads for girls that do not correspond to reality. Many of them are posing as Spanish, being in fact South American, the photos are not real, as is the advertising content. They are usually apartments or premises, which have been open for years and that employ hundreds of girls who advertise on the contact website. In short, nothing to do with our luxury escort agency where every detail is taken care of for an appointment that can become an experience for the five senses.

Finally, in this regard, highlight the coquetry of the ladies of one of the most emblematic agencies in Madrid, Carla Mila. For any appointment, whatever the duration, girls tend to take care of even the smallest detail to enhance their natural beauty. For this reason, every time a client gets in touch with our agency, and then we with the Madrid escort who wants to meet, they need a minimum time to feel that their beauty can be improved. A light makeup, an exciting lingerie will always make the date more sensual with one of our VIP escorts. In his mind it happens that each appointment will be one of the experiences of sex or company that deserves the best possible preparations, but never without neglecting its naturalness, typical of a VIP escort.

Spain is by far the true paradise. In addition to finding the most sexual beauty and services, the economic power of the € of other countries, make cities like Madrid an authentic paradise of sex with escorts.


Also college girls?


In the world of escort agencies in both Madrid and Barcelona, the fact that they are Spanish university students shows that at least their conversation will be enjoyable, formed and relaxed.

If we go back a few years, the crisis left among other consequences in Spain, the rise in university fees, so many girls, in order to pay for their studies, combine books and exams with the company and pleasure with Men and couples Our agency has always given an opportunity to university girls who strive to finish their career, which on the other hand are our best Spanish escorts and who give an atrocious importance to the issue of discretion. None of our girls are so reluctant to take pictures, that you will always see on our website with their faces covered, like the Madrid university escorts. Keep in mind that for them anonymity and discretion are fundamental aspects. But having a bonus in € will make your life more bearable.

Paradoxically at the time of having sex with them, for many who seek better experiences and obtained more pleasure are preferred, compared to the professionals of other agencies. In addition to the GFE treatment that we mentioned before, and for their years, they are in the age of knowing the best secrets of pleasure and relaxation, of making any service a reality at every appointment, and they are much more liberal than other types of escorts. Madrid. Always ready for a date full of the best moments of pleasure and sex.

Also your company is the most enjoyable. They are girls who live day to day. His studies are a door to reality, always in touch with what is happening around him, and that is why in each appointment you can enjoy being with an escort who is not only beauty but true VIP ladies sufficiently prepared for any appointment.

Nothing more interesting and pleasant for many men or couples than to have as escorts educated and very discreet escorts. Main virtue of our escorts.


Are the photos of real and current escorts?


Of course yes. Unlike other agencies in Madrid or Barcelona, the photos of the companions are totally real. We have never resorted as an agency to put fake photos and that another escort goes on a date supplanting a false identity.

But in addition to being completely true, our agency periodically renews its photo book to make our website up to date and that those who contact us, verify that nobody here impersonates anyone.

In the last two years, in the city of Madrid, several agencies have disappeared precisely because they published photos of professional models, which they offered as luxury escorts in Madrid. Obviously when the lady went to the appointment, the resemblance was minimal. This could only happen in Spain, since the websites of the escort agencies of the rest of the world always certify their photos.

These bad practices of some of the escort agencies in Madrid or Barcelona, have made distrust new clients who did not yet know our services or any of the companions, to ask insistently if the photos of the girls on the web were real. Something that, without a doubt, proves that it is true when once put in contact with the lady, and made the appointment, they meet one of our beautiful Spanish escorts in Madrid.

Even foreigners who come to Spain in search of new experiences with escorts in Madrid, always ask for a photo of the girl’s face to see if it really is not a scam. A bad reputation that precedes us to the escort agencies of Madrid, due to the bad practices of other agencies, contact websites, or independent girls who only seek to earn a few more with better photos.


Are all services included in the same rate?


No. They are not. Each service performed by one of our companions is clearly stated on our website. But that does not mean that everything one of our escorts can do on the same date all for the same amount of €.

Thus, those such as anal sex, French until the end, or those who leave a conventional service carry a supplement in € that the Madrid escort will agree with the client. In this sense, the agency does not intervene economically at all.

The rates are shown in € clearly on the website of our Madrid escort agency.

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