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Do you need a good relaxing massage in Madrid?

Our agency’s Madrid escorts offer, among their many services, the possibility of performing erotic massages at no cost. They are specialists in meeting the needs of each person, be it a man, or a couple, who claim their erotic services. Much of the pleasure of his company lies in the so-called erotic massages. Sensual moments full of eroticism that girls love to carry out.Erotic massages Madrid Within a sexual relationship we consider that erotic massages are a great way to enjoy a complete and quality sex. These services can be considered as a large part of the eroticism that arises during, before or after sex. Therefore, the experience of feeling the hands of one of the Madrid escorts in the body of those who request their erotic services is the best ally to get a great experience that comes from a very personal treatment.
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Erotic and preliminary sexual massages


Both to break the ice, and to finish enjoying sex, erotic massages are a true source of pleasure. The best erotic massage may be the means of communication to begin to feel the caresses and all the pleasure that the experience of a good masseuse is in addition to being a great escort in Madrid. You will always look first and foremost for a sensual treatment that massages grant.

Many men are left at the feet of the escorts of Madrid after a small striptease that is then accompanied by erotic massages that girls can perform both with their hands and with any other part of their Body. For both they mean a great approach, and part of some erotic preliminaries par excellence, part of the sensual treatment of the escort who claims her services.

These services are usually demanded as soon as the sexual experience begins. The man adopts the position of lying on his stomach in order to leave his back, shoulders, ass and legs at the mercy of the escorts in Madrid who will not hesitate to exercise his role as a masseuse by extending his hands in an erotic and sensual way through the body of his occasional lover. He will feel willing to sex and as part of a very sensual treatment.

The massage experience takes on even more pleasure when the girls let their breasts, their lips, their own genitals and their hair, accompany the erotic massage giving these preliminary moments of sex a Cariz much more sensual and part of a deal of an authentic Madrid escort.

It is usually after those erotic and insinuating movements when men turn around so that the escorts of Madrid continue the erotic massages in the chest, neck, shoulders finally getting to play Sensual way with the male genitals.


Erotic massages after sex


But not for all those who request the services of an escort in Madrid is the erotic massage something that initially attracts their attention. They tend to look for other services more related to sexual positions, the enjoyment of the most implicit sex and what the photos of the escorts of Madrid usually see on the website of our luxury escort agency suggest. But it is they, the massage escorts who take them previously along the path of eroticism with massages, caresses, kisses, and offering a very personal treatment.

Erotic massages are not much the end of a sexual relationship. Sometimes it is not the main claim to enjoy the moment of complete relaxation that is requested. But after the sex itself, it is usually the best source of pleasure they can get in the company of the Madrid escort they chose. Moreover, the erotic experience would be strange without the best and pleasant erotic massages. Erotic massage offers a treatment that causes erotic experiences that not everyone knows.

That said, for many men, good erotic massage is the one given after sex. It is those moments where libido begins to go down a bit, but it is not the end of the experience. That is why they are most anxious to maintain physical contact with the Madrid escort they saw in the photos of the agency and whose treatment increases their erotic expectations.

This is a matter of relaxation, of communication, of sensual moments, of personalized treatment, of enjoying the full experience of the services offered by the escorts of Madrid.

These are moments of relaxation when some enjoy much more the hands on their body of the masseuse, not so much of the escort girl of Madrid, but of their skills when performing a massage that he believes of the encounter a great sensual experience. The pleasure is infinite, his body is full of skin so that the hands of the escorts of Madrid massage with their fingers and their body every inch of the skin.

For them, this is the best way to achieve great excitement, something that will lead them back to the path of sex. They will verify that the escort they saw in the photos of the agency escort girls in Madrid, also has great skills as erotic masseuses and knows how to give a much more sensual treatment than they expect in principle. Come and enjoy great pleasure and relaxation in the hands of our massage escorts. You can live the best erotic moments and also enjoy a quality sex.


Learn to give erotic massages


In the first years as escorts and masseuses the best teachers are the companions. But to get pleasure through erotic massages and thereby make casual lovers enjoy, knowledge of some erotic and sensual techniques that go beyond mere improvisation is required. Massages will always offer a great personalized service.

In Madrid there are more than one center where erotic and sensitive massage services are performed exclusively. In them clients only seek relaxation services, without sex taking place. In any center it is where many escorts in Madrid come to learn or perfect the way to give high quality erotic massages.

It is important not to confuse these places where if the so-called «happy ending» is offered that basically relies on masturbation, either by hand or with fellatio, massage services to Customers after enjoying an erotic massage. In these cases, contact with the masseuse is minimal, being an erotic modality where the girl who performs massages is not sexually involved speaking. It is a different treatment. They usually offer this relaxing experience for no less than an hour. And their years of occupying a place in certain places of relaxation and always in this center, make the masseuses into highly sensual girls, but as we say, they are not escorts from Madrid, but they make men enjoy differently. Good for an exact hour or half an hour. Time is always to choose. The happy ending is always a different treatment than the escorts offer.

Also independent girls exercise only as massage therapists, and are easy to recognize since they show their face in the photos published by these girls in the main contact websites, unlike the escorts in Madrid that in ninety percent they cover their face in the photos to preserve their privacy. You can differentiate them from each other with great ease. But they all do their best to make erotic massage a great experience brimming with good pleasure.

Like Madrid escorts, independent massage therapists do not occupy a place in a given center. They prefer to give a good pleasure to those who request the best erotic massages both in hotels and in homes. Others, however, do not leave the center where they occupy their place. Young and beautiful girls, but with years of experience in offering the best relaxation. With or without happy ending. In the center of Madrid have emerged during recent years, this type of local erotic massage. Most of each center offer fast rates and services, always with oriental masseurs who occupy a place there. And conceived in relation to the time and the end that is hired.

But without a doubt they are not the best erotic massages. Just by looking closely at the photos of the advertising of the center, and being subject to a certain time in the form of half an hour, or an hour, we can get to the idea that massages have little erotic and much more relaxation without more.

Nothing to do with the very different treatment offered by the escorts in Madrid, whose end will always be what the client wants. Not only masturbation in a center not too private. You can compare, but we don’t advise it.


Most popular erotic massages


Few services can offer Madrid escorts as sensual and erotic as the best sensual massages.

In the first place and so that the moment of relaxation is complete, the girls usually choose to create a sensual atmosphere, always looking for the most intimate moment and where behavior patterns have already been established nearby. The best weather will intensify with suggestive lingerie, oils and creams that will help your hands glide smoothly through your partner’s body. And always looking for the time and moment where the man is more receptive to enjoy the suggestive treatment that deserves a great erotic massage.


What are the most requested massages?


Without a doubt, the most common erotic massage is called «Thai Massage». For those who are not related to the world of massages, we could define it as the one where it starts in a sensual way applying natural oils mainly from the back, always in a gentle and relaxing way and from a sensual and very erotic treatment.

Madrid escorts impregnate their hands with this exciting oil whose smell is highly erotic and aphrodisiac to later get closer to man so that their breasts are responsible for replacing the hands. Gradually rub the area more intensely, reaching a symbiosis not only physical, but also almost spiritual, thus causing an erotic and personalized treatment. In fact, the origin of this type of erotic massage comes from the Asian cultures, center and cradle of the most erotic massages, and where a great relaxation was mainly sought, due to the ordering of the chakras or millenary energies. Something that has been maintained over the years and we can live in Madrid from those ancestral experiences.

Today is a classic that is offered as part of the services of every good escort in Madrid in its facet of erotic masseuse. Add that for girls it is comfortable, sensitive and also stimulating. Do not forget that during a great erotic massage they also feel in their body the excitement necessary to feel excited and therefore enjoy the experience. If you have never tried it, come and you can live a great relaxation.

The next most demanding massage for Madrid escort clients is the so-called «Nuru Massage». Similar to the previous one, it differs by the viscous oil that is used to enjoy and that gives its name to the massage itself. Of oriental origin, and as we have seen in a photo, the two members of the couple massage each other throughout the body to obtain one of the best relax. The intensity of erotic treatment is mutual. Come and you can enjoy with the escort you choose.

And also, as an example, we cannot forget the popular and ancestral «Tantric Massage». Many are the years that have passed since it was popularized by the expansion of Buddhism. Of a purely spiritual nature, it does not focus on part of sex, but the person or people who perform it obtain great pleasure after the experience of balancing both their body and their mind. The result of a highly erotic, but not necessarily sexual, treatment.


Benefits of erotic massages


These types of erotic massages are obtained not only pleasure, but are ideal for man, in addition to enjoying, get a series of benefits for his body and can put in order some sexual dysfunction.

When enjoying a great tantric massage, we can also help them control premature ejaculation problems. The fact that during the massage the Madrid escort delays the ejaculation will gradually solve the problem. And it is that in addition to the purely social or biological reasons, erotic massages of tantric character, usually create a very strong emotional bond. As much as the best sensations that can be found in the most explicit sex. Thus, many men look for the facet of masseuse in escorts to live the experience much more intensely. It will be like the prelude to good sex, but giving the meeting a service that will make them enjoy a global way and perhaps discover erotic sensations already lost over the years.

It is important to note that the pleasure of being with an escort in Madrid, is sometimes frustrated by the rush or having had little time when requesting their services. A good massage can undoubtedly change the course of the meeting getting magically to emerge the sensuality, eroticism and pleasure that every girl offers. And not only can you see it in the photos of the girls arranged on the website of our agency, no. We refer to the charm of his own personality. Each of them has magical and personal hands, as well as gifts so that the result is to enjoy and get the best moments of relaxation. Come to enjoy! You can feel great pleasure.

But let’s continue listing the great benefits of erotic massages in our body.

It should not be forgotten that the origin of any massage was to alleviate the muscular pains that were relieved based on the best massages with oils and liniments of supposed balsamic character. Tiredness, stress or fatigue are some of the causes that our body suffers. To relieve these tensions, and with the help of oils, massages began to be given almost only for treatment and therapeutic purposes; In addition to achieving great wellbeing, he offered us a relaxing treatment regardless of who gave it.

Gradually, these movements on the body that we only obtained in a certain center, moved to the wonderful world of relaxation. Massage therapists and escorts thus found endless erotic possibilities when offering massage as another service. They resumed the purest essences of good sensitive massage, in order to give it a more erotic, more sensual character and with or without a sexual end. With his sensual hands, reaching the most erogenous areas of our body and making erotic massage a good vehicle to enjoy and at the same time obtain great pleasure and provide the massage with a very personal treatment.

The most prominent case is that of tantric massage, which as an essential objective is to fight stress is very sexual.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find in Madrid a center where the disciplines and treatment of the purest of tantric massage are rigorously practiced. As common as any yoga center.


Massages and escorts of Madrid


As we mentioned at the beginning, the erotic massages offered among the wide variety of services of escorts in Madrid, have already become indispensable for those who want to live a great sexual experience, feel the better pleasures and with a very erotic treatment.

The girls’ hands are, after years of practice, one of the most powerful weapons of conquest when it comes to offering a completely pleasant treatment. And not only the hands, the rest of his body can be felt in a special way far beyond the penetration. They combine their skills as massage therapists with escorts specialists in making men and couples enjoy the best erotic moments.

The vast majority enjoy the eroticism and sensuality of the escort through erotic massages. And that is how there is a warm closeness that makes the meeting neither cold nor distant. Close treatment and erotic involvement will be the best way to enjoy and feel relax and pleasure. You can always check with our girls.

Each escort in Madrid has their own secrets when it comes to giving their most sensual massages. And it is they themselves, with their good know-how, who help us write what men or couples who like at the time saw their photos on our website.

Exceeding customer expectations is always a challenge that they put themselves, and it is through the eroticism that involves the most sensual and fun massages, accompanied by a very particular treatment, a of the best ways to enjoy a good meeting, in the privacy and not in the coldness of a massage center.

You can check that, in terms of massages, every escort in Madrid has its little tricks to offer pleasure, personal treatment and also enjoy the appointment themselves. Come and enjoy!

It is important to note that we talk about girls who are escorts from Madrid; They travel to hotels, homes or apartments per hour. They do not occupy any place in any center where they can receive lessons from masseuses and who always have the slogan to provide a very erotic and sensual treatment and aspects.


Erogenous zones and erotic massages


If we start from the idea that almost all the skin of our body is full of nerve endings that are waiting to be specially treated by a massage, we could ensure that pleasure and relaxation always They are served. The correct treatment of eroticism in massages will be the best end or beginning that a client can expect.

But let’s see those that, although they are not the most common, if it is for our escort-masseurs who have discovered almost by themselves.

By the very inertia of the meetings, the back is usually the place chosen when starting a good massage. Yes, some girls call it the Californian massage. The man lies on his stomach and the escort masseuse sits at the height of his head gently putting his hands on top after having poured some massage oil on his skin. The escort will slide her hands slowly while incorporating her body. In an erotic and sensual way the hands of the masseuse will reach the area of ​​the buttocks, and at that time it will be time to perform a more detailed massage from the contour to the sides in an erotic and sensual way. Who can resist the erotic magic of massages? Come, you can enjoy! But let’s continue.

Already in full contact of the bodies, the masseuse will climb up the lateral area of ​​the torso to stop again in the armpits. Undoubtedly the best way for the male body to get toned, and with the contact of the skin to get excited and be sufficiently prepared, after the massage offered by the Madrid escort, to maintain sex, after this erotic and sensual toning experience.


And why not continue with your arms?


As we are seeing, erotic massages do not have to neglect any area of ​​the body that by its very nature. A good erotic massage should contemplate them all because after their excitement, the best pleasures will arrive. All product of the conception of a complete treatment of erotic massages.

Madrid escorts know it, and perhaps the years have led them in their facet of masseuses to know that behind each of the erotic massages, the body is raising its temperature in addition to Be surprised by the treatment of the girls. Always better than that of any center massage therapist.

And we talk about the arms, yes, you are reading it well, the arms. If after crossing your back with a sensual massage, the escort usually sits next to the man. All as part of a purely erotic treatment. Next, they take their right hand and intertwine it with their own. This will be the beginning of a good massage that will undoubtedly surprise you with its erotic appearance. Then and with the other hand, they will caress from the wrist to the elbow in a suggestive manner. Soft, unhurried, as if the hours did not pass, thus giving the massage a personalized treatment. Then this movement is repeated until you finish taking the escort one of his fingers and take it sensually to your mouth.

Experience is undoubtedly the best kept secret of a good masseuse. Any questions? You can call the escort that you like best from the photos on our website and come to enjoy.

But we continue to raise the temperature, yes, the best erotic massages properly done will make anyone enjoy and demand the services of a Madrid escort from our agency. The experience will be endless moments of eroticism and sensuality that neither they have known despite the experience or the years.

And so we reach the chest, little by little. One of the most erogenous zones in both men and women. In it along with the belly is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. The skin is thin in the chest and abdomen. The most sensual and erogenous is the one located under the collarbone, one of the best places to start the sensual erotic massage.

Madrid escorts who also give the best erotic massages, know that, after a good sensual massage in the chest area, the most pleasant sensations will be unleashed that will excite your partner much more than those mentioned above. It is as if we were in the middle of the heyday of pleasure produced by the innate eroticism of the massages.

The girl will face the man in such a way that he does not encounter obstacles to reach his nipples freely. Place your hands either around the neck, or directly over the pectorals. But it will always be the language who performs much of the work to produce pleasure through this type of massage.

By previously kissing the entire area for at least half an hour, you will reach the nipples. Inevitably men will not resist touching and massaging the escort’s chest, which in this case is exercising more as a massage therapist. She will make circular movements with her tongue in his nipple. First, in the direction of the clock hands on the right chest and then, not without ceasing to perform the massage with the hands, it will proceed to lick the nipple of the left breast more intensely. After half an hour of sensual eroticism and pleasure, you will press hard on both breasts to achieve the desired relaxation. The best relaxing sensations will almost reach ecstasy in the massage therapists. Many of these escorts confess that even then they can reach orgasm.

The passage to the genitals is close, but the funny thing is that almost by mimicry men will perform the same massage obtaining the escort a pleasure without end. The one that arises after the excitation of her breasts. We have seen thousands of videos or photos, where the above is used to verify these facts. But better than the photos, there is always the sensual experience of a good erotic massage that you will not forget in years. Moreover, we are sure that you will repeat. Always come to check and enjoy the personal treatment of massage therapists, or Madrid escorts in their variety of massage therapists.


Genital erotic massages


When conceiving a sensual and erotic erotic massage, you inevitably think about sex. Despite the fact that the Madrid massage therapists consider that the massage itself is part of it. And this occurs because many customers think in the end. When it comes to obtaining the most absolute pleasure in the form of an orgasm.

The one known as French or fellatio is still one of the best massages for men. We know that the penis is an area with infinite nerve endings. That is why the masseuse or escort should always extol him, ensure that his most sensual and erotic movements are accompanied. But the hands play a great role, since they should not stop caressing, especially the testicles to achieve one of the best moments of relaxation in the sexual encounter.

Not only sucks, but also absorbs, you must change the intensity, and find a way for the man to try to end the relationship, if desired, enjoying a good massage in the penis. © 500

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