White Kiss

What is the white kiss?

White KissThe so-called white kiss is nothing more than kissing with the particularity that the escort will take all of her ejaculation from a fellatio or blowjob to the client's mouth. Together with the seminal fluid, vaginal juices are also transferred that mix with the semen, and for many encounters it is the height of pleasure. Normally there are few Madrid escorts from our luxury whore agency who do it, more than anything because of the risk involved of contracting venereal diseases of which we can all be potential carriers. Here there are no means to prevent, logically the condom has no reason to be, but many escorts who know the sexual habits of their client, if they dare to enjoy this particular kiss. The white kiss is highly stigmatized, but in reality the risks are similar to those of natural French or French to the end.

Tips for a good white kiss

After the ejaculation of the man in the mouth of the Madrid escort, it is convenient that she does not swallow the semen and keeps as much of it in her mouth to immediately kiss and share it. The white kiss brings great pleasure to many men, although it may seem otherwise. Savoring their own semen together with the vaginal juices in the tongue play is something really exciting for many. It is important not to swallow, but to enjoy the kiss for a few minutes. And we say it both for the health of the escorts in Madrid and for those who share a delicious white kiss with them. For a few years the rumor has spread that swallowing semen is beneficial for a woman's skin. Nothing is further from reality. Swallowing semen is still a source of contagion if either of you are carriers of a sexually transmitted disease.

What not to do during a white kiss?

Beso Blanco en Madrid y BarcelonaMany men try to be as cautious as possible before making a white kiss. For this reason, they wash their mouths first with mouthwashes or a toothbrush. This is nothing but a big mistake. After cleaning our mouth, everything is more sensitive to receiving external attacks. Yes, we have eliminated a AP that serves precisely to protect us and that will always recover after at least a period of time. For this reason, and as the escorts of Madrid know perfectly well, hygiene does not lie in the acts that may occur before a sexual relationship, but must be part of the usual customs of a man. Even the food eaten by a man can cause a great rejection of the escorts of Madrid. And we are not referring to the breath, but to the smell that the pre-seminal fluid gives off. If the client has chosen that day to eat chocolate, broccoli, coffee, alcohol, asparagus or eggs, the bad smell and taste will be assured.


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