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Bachelor Party Madrid - Barcelona
Bachelor Parties on Madrid and Barcelona

What would a stag or bachelor party be without the presence of beautiful and sensual girls? Yes, escorts, the essentials for everyone, including the groom, to have fun on such a special night.

And it is that more than a fashion, it is a tradition. Years ago it was inevitable to have a few drinks in the famous topless, or go to a girls’ flat. But today the most reliable thing is to contact an escort agency like ours and request their presence at the parties that are organized for stag parties.

On most occasions, the groom’s friends want the escorts to be present throughout the night. From the first drinks, dinner and the final party. In others it is something that is reserved only for the groom, who will always surprisingly find a beautiful escort from Madrid, or from the province where it is celebrated, in the most unexpected place.

And other times the escorts perform the role of strippers. Being a partial or full nude depending on the space where the bachelor party is held.

How to organize a bachelor party with escorts?

Stag Party with Escorts on Madrid and Barcelona
Stag Party with Escorts on Madrid and Barcelona

As we said before, the most advisable thing is to contact the person in charge of the escort agency. She will advise the funniest girls, the ones who perform this service, in addition to informing about the corresponding rates.

Although it seems simple, bringing together a certain number of escorts on the same day and at the same time is not easy, since agencies like ours do not have girls who are available 24 hours. Each one has their availability that alternates with class schedules, jobs as a model or hostesses. Hence, it will always be advisable to do it well in advance.

But having said that, the escorts will go to the place chosen by the groom’s friends mainly to have fun. If it is at dinner, they will undoubtedly be the life of the party, but if what you want is to have sex with them, everything varies. It is important to make it clear if each friend will choose only one to have sex, or if they intend to change escorts throughout the night. Avoiding misunderstandings is the secret to unlimited enjoyment at a good bachelor party.

What never to do at a bachelor party with escorts?

Bachelor parties with escorts on Madrid and Barcelona
Bachelor parties with escorts on Madrid and Barcelona

Celebrating a bachelor party should be a reason for meeting good friends, having fun, having fun and making that night an unforgettable party. For this, the company of escorts is ideal. Not only to make a great “gift to the boyfriend”, but also the perfect excuse to have sex with young and beautiful Spanish escorts.

But there are a number of guidelines that must be respected. Make it clear if what is needed is only company or if you also want sex. Do not violate girls by putting them in uncomfortable situations. It is also not pleasant that during dinner or drinks, touching or kissing begins in public places. If you want to have sex, you have to plan the place. You can always resort to discreet and comfortable concerted apartments.

And as we said, agree in advance if the escorts Barcelona should have sex with one or more of the friends who organize the long-awaited bachelor party.

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