What do we mean by kisses?

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Escorts, unlike what many may think, do kiss. For them it is part of a complete sexual relationship. Without kisses, everything would be cold and distant, so the myth that whores don’t kiss is a thing of the past.

Even so, if passionate kisses are something fundamental for you, you should consult it beforehand.

The delivery and involvement of each girl depends on whether her kisses are really natural, spontaneous, and very importantly, if they are, as they say, tongue kisses.

And the fact is that there are many types of kisses, those of the “pecking” type, others that slide across your skin, reaching the most erotic places and awakening a thousand and one sensations.

What would a date be without kisses? If you are passionate about kisses, be sure to check the degree of each involvement of each Madrid escort.

Tips regarding kissing

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The fact that many of the Madrid escorts of our agency give kisses, does not mean that as soon as you meet them you expect some smooches from them, as they commonly say, of those until the bell. Therefore, above all, we advise you to be patient and take care of your oral hygiene before each appointment. There is nothing more unpleasant than bad breath, in fact it is one of the reasons why the meeting with the Madrid escort is not as pleasant as you thought.

For this reason, and just like the girls do, try to brush your teeth well, rinse your gums, just as they do. This will be a magnificent sign that you are willing to please her, something that every Madrid escort wants. Just as she will always give herself with passion so that the pleasure is the maximum.

What not to do so that an escort does not kiss you?

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We just discussed it. But we repeat it because it is something important. Take good care of your hygiene in general, but pay a little more attention to your mouth.

That said, it is important that you do not pressure the escort from the first moment to kiss you. Think that they barely know you, and they don’t like kissing strangers at first.

Have a little patience and let everything unfold naturally, with the same person with whom you have relationships outside the escort world.

Behind every kiss there is a meaning. Passion, delivery or desire. For this reason, it is important not to repeatedly force sneaky kisses, as they will not be liked by the girls.

Feel the kisses and let yourself go. Kisses on your penis before performing a bareback blowjob, kisses on the neck, back, or even the testicles will come naturally, but never forced.

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