What is the GFE attitude?

GFE MADRID and Barcelona
GFE on Madrid and Barcelona

We call GFE, the girlfriend-like attitude of each Madrid escort who practices this service. It is still the behavior most similar to that of a couple who are in the midst of getting to know each other intimately and where kisses, caresses, taking off their clothes, and other similar acts are reminiscent of the most furtive encounters of young lovers.

According to the dictionary, the treatment of couple or girlfriend experience is a type of service that a Madrid escort offers and whose characteristic is to act as the client’s girlfriend or wife.

Without a doubt, this is one of the favorite services for those who want to live a sweet experience with one of the luxury whores from our escort agency.

Nothing more gratifying and pleasurable than feeling the kisses and caresses, as well as a series of exciting preliminaries to start the meeting off right.

Tips for a good GFE attitude

GFE Experience Madrid
GFE Experience Madrid

Maintaining the GFE attitude on the part of the Madrid escorts during the duration of the meeting has its key in the behavior of the client.

If the chosen luxury whore truly feels treated as if she were a girlfriend or woman by whoever has requested her services, everything will go smoothly until the end. Which is usually very pleasant for both.

Yes, and it is that they, despite what is said, also enjoy sexually in almost all dates. They are very sexually active girls and they also want to enjoy sex. Therefore, the GFE attitude does not correspond to a hard, fast or rushed sex. It is more typical of dates where you want to enjoy the female company to the fullest. Of her body, of her kisses, of her gradual dedication that leaves no man unmoved and that makes the date more than just a sexual encounter.

What not to do in the face of a GFE attitude?

GFEPreviously we have clearly defined the secrets and advantages of having a date where the GFE attitude is the epicenter of the date, so it is advisable to behave with the escort as if she really were a girlfriend or occasional wife.

At the same time that each luxury whore is making progress in creating a climate for the couple that makes the encounter more intense, romantic and close, it is convenient to let yourself go. Don’t abruptly interrupt each of her erotic steps. Do not try to rush into events. Only if we don’t like something, communicate it politely and sweetly.

The GFE attitude entails large doses of eroticism on the part of the Madrid escorts, and this path towards the most complete sex needs a bit of subtlety and delicacy. Especially at the beginning, then the passions will be unleashed and the course of the meeting can take other very different paths.


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