What do we call erotic fantasies?

Escort for Erotic Fantasies
Escort for Erotic Fantasies

Every man (and every woman) has always had erotic fantasies that have never been carried out due to a thousand circumstances. The Madrid escorts of our agency can make them come true for your pleasure, and of course, theirs too.

The variety of these fantasies is extensive. It can be seeing how an escort masturbates, how she performs a private striptease for us or how sex will be in a more exotic place.

But we add that they are only common examples of the services of a Madrid escort.

To turn those erotic fantasies into reality, don’t be embarrassed if they may seem strange. On the contrary, they are the most common.

We all have that voyeur streak that we can satisfy by asking an escort to masturbate for our eyes only. Or… What is strange if the services of an escort are hired to enjoy their company in a paradisiacal place? Erotic dreams can come true with the help of our Madrid escorts.

How to fully enjoy erotic fantasies?

Erotic Fantasies
Erotic Fantasies

Fantasies are not common services for the clients of our Madrid escort agency. Everyone has something very specific that they want to be carried out just as they always dreamed of it. For this reason, and for these fantasies to come true, a total understanding between him and the Madrid escort is necessary.

From there will be born pleasure, desire, enjoyment and enjoyment of both.

For our escorts, it is always a privilege to satisfy those who choose them to make their dreams come true.

The first step is to speak clearly, express what you want clearly, without detours or prejudices.

Each and every one of the details must be shared explicitly, so the escort will know exactly what to do when and at all times.

A misunderstanding at the beginning can make an erotic fantasy not take place as desired.

Fully enjoying these dreams come true entails prior communication with the escorts that may not be so necessary in other services.


What not to do during erotic fantasies?

Escort for Erotic Fantasies
Escort for Erotic Fantasies

Go changing your mind while they are being made. Perhaps it is the most common mistake of many men. The beauty and sensuality of the Madrid escorts of our agency, due to their great charge of eroticism, can cause the demand for other more common services.

Fear should not take hold of those who claim fantasies, nor should shame. If, for example, you want an escort to masturbate in front of a client, he must fully enjoy the moment. This does not mean that the rest of the time he remains impassive, but that he will be able to continue with other erotic games and interact sexually with the escort from Madrid.

You have to avoid the fear of what he will think. And it is that the escorts are used to all kinds of services, and what they may like the most is to make a client enjoy with erotic fantasies that have chosen them to make their dreams come true.

Try not to stain her clothes, if she is still wearing anything, or her lingerie. The girls will thank you.

Get rid of prejudices and enjoy the moment intensely.

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