What do we call Duplex?

Duplex Services by Scorts
Duplex Services by Scorts on Madrid and Barcelona

Of all the most intimate sexual fantasies that a man can have in his life, the first one is undoubtedly being with two women at the same time. In the escort world, this service is called a duplex, not a trio, despite the fact that there are three people involved; a man and two escorts from Madrid. In reality, the experience consists of multiplying by two the sensations that two luxury whores can awaken in the client. From kisses between the three of them to a bareback blowjob performed by two escorts who will complement each other perfectly to provide infinite pleasure to the meeting. Keep in mind that services are also doubled. While having vaginal or anal sex with one, you can be kissed, caressed by another. And so on, without losing a single detail of what two escorts can achieve with a man; multiply the most sexual sensations.

How to fully enjoy a duplex?

Escorts for duplex
Escorts for duplex

The secret to fully enjoying a duplex with two escorts from Madrid lies in not focusing only on one of them that can attract us more physically, but letting both develop the services they know how to do best. For this reason, the physical will not serve as a guide but the most sexual behavior of him. We know that there will always be one of the two that stands out for the personal tastes of the client, but to fully enjoy it, it is almost better that they take the initiative and let themselves go. Almost intuitively, luxury escorts guess what each man wants and at each moment, so they will alternately give way to perform the most pleasant services. Normally the escorts who perform a duplex are already known from other services, so rapport is always a point in favor of the client.

What not to do during a duplex?

Escort for Duplex in Madrid and Barcelona
Escort for Duplex in Madrid and Barcelona

When considering enjoying a duplex with two beautiful escorts from Madrid, many men start from the challenge that they must, in a given time, ensure that both obtain equal sexual pleasure, or at least reach orgasm. It is very praiseworthy for men to please escorts sexually, but this is not always possible. Some of them need more time or it is precisely during a duplex when they divert more attention to the enjoyment of the client. For this reason, those ideas of “complying” with two girls should be put aside and let them do their job. Do not interrupt either if you see that they give each other pleasure, it is part of the game and as such it should be exciting for the three of them; client and escorts. So don’t be jealous, and let the girls have some fun with each other too.

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