Enjoy a romantic dinner with one of our escorts

Dinner with Scorts
Dinner with Scorts on Madrid and Barcelona

A date in a restaurant, a discreet table, the pleasure of the best company and enjoying a good dinner, is one of the greatest pleasures you can experience with one of our luxury escorts in Madrid.

And that it is always something ceremonious, enigmatic and of course very exciting to share a table and tablecloth with an elegant escort always dressed for the occasion and demonstrating education and discretion of her. </ p>

Our Madrid escorts are educated girls. Most of them have passed through the University, others are superior students, models or in general luxury companions who will know how to delight you with their presence and good manners.

They will enhance your beauty and feminine charms for these romantic dinners, where the pleasant and interesting conversation will end with desserts. But the best ending, without a doubt, after a dinner with escorts, is to go up to your hotel room and finish getting to know her in the most absolute privacy.

Tips for a perfect dinner

Romantic Dinner With escorts
Romantic dinners with escorts

If you’re not from Madrid or you don’t know much about the city, let her choose a restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner. The importance of the chosen place is fundamental, as well as the tranquility that should always be breathed in it. They will know how to create the best environment, away from prying eyes and where no one listens to the conversation.

It goes without saying that they will always come on time, dressed for the occasion, but also discreetly, despite the fact that a luxury escort from our agency, it never goes unnoticed for its beauty.

It is important not to get carried away by enthusiasm and not drink too much, as well as avoid having a copious dinner. Then will come the dessert, which is usually the most desired delicacy of dinners. Yes, we are referring to the escort herself with whom to enjoy after dinner. And next to her it will never hurt to uncork a cold bottle of cava. Their favorite drink, which they only drink on such special occasions as during a romantic evening or what transcends after it.

Appearing like a gentleman is something that makes any woman fall in love, and the escorts from our agency are no exception. All these details will make the predisposition of luxury escorts greater when it comes to creating the best erotic climate.

What not to do during a dinner with an escort

Dinners with Escorts
Dinners with Scorts

They are used to sharing dinner with interesting men, but who do not brag about their money or social position. An escort is not interested in hearing how much or how little a man earns. Therefore, she avoids material issues and be much more human, fun if you are, cordial, polite, and never an interviewer. Escorts are very nervous when they are interrogated with indiscreet questions. They themselves will respond naturally to questions that are not so personal. They have great self-confidence and are prepared for any topic of conversation.

It is also important to avoid approaches, kisses and caresses in the restaurant itself. It is not the appropriate place to begin sexual foreplay. It will make them feel uncomfortable and will also change their willingness to have sex afterwards.

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