Black Kiss

What do we call a black kiss?

Black Kiss by Escorts on Carla Mila
Black Kiss on Madrid and Barcelona

It has always been said that if there is something to experience in sex, whether it is a man or a woman, it is the so-called black kiss. This sexual practice is also known as “Polish kiss” or “hummingbird kiss” and consists of stimulating the client’s anus through the tongue or lips of the Madrid escort. For this, a series of preparations are necessary, such as the deep washing of the anal area, since it is well known that it is a part of our body that can give rise to infections. But if there is something that for many men and women is almost a certainty, it is that the practice of black kissing leads directly to almost infinite pleasure. The area has an infinity of nerve endings, which makes it more erogenous than many might think. The black kiss excites in such a way that the orgasm is always assured.

How to enjoy the black kiss?

Black Kiss Madrid BarcelonaIt has always been said that the male “G” spot, called the “P” spot, is located about two inches from the anus. But the fact that a girl inserts a finger or tongue seems to question her masculinity for many. Nothing is further from reality, since letting a beautiful escort from Madrid offer a black kiss is synonymous with a different and very intense pleasure. For this reason, and given the possibility of receiving a black kiss, men should avoid this series of prejudices and enjoy the stimulation of their “P Point”. While the escort kisses the area intensely, let her grab your buttocks, so you will feel even more how your body is extremely excited. And yes, you will reach orgasm almost directly and in a different way than usual.

What not to do during a black kiss?

Black Kiss by Escorts on Carla MilaFor those who have never felt the pleasures of black kissing in the company of a luxury whore, nor in their relationships, it is important that they understand that hygiene in this service is more important than in any other. For this reason, you can never expect to receive a black kiss if you have not previously washed the area well internally. No escort will dare for her own health to provide this service without this condition. It is also important to put prejudices aside. Many clients think that it is something typical of the homosexual world, but nothing is further from the truth. So, complexes out! And lastly, do not interrupt the escort while she licks our anus and makes her way until she reaches that “P Point” we are talking about. Feeling pleasure should not scare us to know that we have an erogenous zone that usually does not get excited if it is not through the black kiss.

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