What is actually Greek (Anal Sex)?


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In Spain we call “Greek” to anal sex. To the fact that the man penetrates the woman anally with her penis and performs the same movements as if it were vaginal penetration. It is well known that the anal area does not have the same capacity to dilate as the vagina, so the so-called Greek is not performed by all the Madrid escorts of our agency. Many of them have tried it, but their ability to dilate is minimal, so the pain is an obstacle for them not to be able to practice it. However, others, and with the help of lubricants, can perform anal sex without any problem. The nerve endings of the anus make this part of the body especially sensitive, so the pleasurable sensations in women can be wonderful. For his part, the man, almost since ancient times, has always been attracted to the fact of penetrating the woman anally.

How to enjoy anal sex?

Anal Sex
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The first thing to keep in mind is that the anal area must be dilated prior to penetration. Unlike the vagina, it does not produce any natural elements that make lubrication easier, so anal sex is usually practiced after sexual cunnilingus. The pre-seminal fluids themselves help, but they are not enough, and if we also have that it is normally done with a condom, because in most cases gels should be used that perform both the function of dilating and lubricating. For all these reasons, anal intercourse must be carried out with certain guidelines and never force the escort to be willing to be anally penetrated from the first moment. Also on this occasion the size of the penis matters, so some girls will have to choose after seeing it erect if they can perform Greek or not.

What not to do during anal sex?

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Anal Sex Madrid – Barcelona

To have a pleasurable anal sex for both, the biggest enemy is without a doubt the rush. It is not an area that lubricates naturally like the vagina. So it is always advisable not to be the first target of male sexual desires. Hence, anal sex should never be attempted from the beginning of the relationship. You should never force the woman’s body. They can occur from tears to wounds in the anus area. A perfect breeding ground for infections.

Anal sex, always consensual, needs certain preliminaries that make the woman feel ready to be penetrated in the ass. But never abruptly or trying to introduce the penis completely. If not rather little by little until reaching a total penetration, that she offers maximum pleasure to both the escort and her sexual playmate.

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