What is the position of 69?

If we had to briefly define what this 1969 sexual position, which comes from the Kama Sutra, consists of, we would say that it is nothing more than the sexual practice of giving each other pleasure based on an intense blowjob by the escort from Madrid and cunnilingus towards she, who practices her occasional lover.
It may also be the case that both perform cunnilingus simultaneously. So their bodies should be inverted one on top of the other. That is, the head of both always facing the genitals.
Enjoying a good 69 with an escort has no more secret than trying to understand the rhythm with which it is performed. Thus, when both are fully aroused after preliminaries or erotic games, it will be the ideal moment to adopt this position whose purpose is to achieve simultaneous pleasure. Something that we know is not easy, but not impossible.

69 positon Madrid

Tips for a good practice of 69 For many clients of luxury escorts in Madrid, 69 is still something they have seen in porn scenes. Traditionally, it is not that it is a position that is experienced as a couple, although more and more evolve sexually and it is no longer something so strange to do it in privacy.

Enjoying a 69 is synonymous with giving yourself pleasure while trying to reach orgasm simultaneously. Therefore, we must be attentive to two aspects. The first is to try that the degree of excitement when executing it is more or less the same or very similar. The second is to be very aware of the arousal with whom you perform this position so as not to achieve orgasm too quickly or not at the wrong time.
69 requires a certain rapport, so it’s not strange that after discovering his pleasures, he always repeats himself with the same luxury whore.
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What not to do while doing 69 posture?


As we have mentioned, in order to fully enjoy the 69 position, it is important to try to ensure that the orgasms of both the clients and the Madrid escorts occur, if not simultaneously, almost at the same time.

That is where the true pleasure of this position lies, since if it were not so, it would not stop being a natural French and little else. Giving pleasure while receiving is exciting, so we must try to set a rhythm when performing cunnilingus that is almost marked by the French we are enjoying.
The intensity of the fellatio, the moans, even his hip movements, will be the best indicators so that the ejaculation is delayed, or, on the contrary, the man gets carried away after the arrival of the climax to the escort. It is crucial not to start if she is not yet sufficiently aroused, nor to end this position after male ejaculation if the escort from Madrid has not yet reached orgasm.
Posición 69

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