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About Carla Mila

A veteran agency in Madrid

Now the best Madrid escorts at your fingertips, thanks to the Carla Mila agency.

CARLA MILA we are a serious and discreet agency that makes all the sexual fantasies of our clients come true in the city of Madrid.

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We think that the term escort is already so popular that any girl who provides sexual services uses it to define herself. But its origin, from English, means escort, companion. For this reason, and given the common use of the word escort, which is already used for any activity related to prostitution without further ado, we want to define our girls as true luxury escorts.

And it is that an escort is not only that young woman with whom to maintain relations without more. You can find the real luxury escorts on our website. Spanish girls who, in addition to being very sexually active, also offer a series of services that are not so common within the escort scene

They are prepared women, with whom you can have a relaxed conversation. Luxury escorts who daily tone up their bodies in the gym and play sports. They also take care of their diet and most importantly, they frequently go to the gynecologist for regular medical check-ups.