Encounters in Apartments
with escorts in Madrid

You need an apartment to be with an escort

The agency Carla Mila puts at your disposal luxury apartments throughout Madrid, so you can enjoy your experience with an escort.

The apartments are elegant and discreet style so you can spend a unique experience with the escort without distractions and all the time you need.

The escort apartments in Madrid have the Carla Mila seal of quality that guarantees a unique and 100% pleasant sexual experience.

Our Madrid luxury escort agency thinks about you every day; in your comfort so you can meet our ladies in the most discreet, comfortable and private apartments you can find in Madrid. They who offer the best conditions, the best services and always under a privacy policy that other agencies do not care for.

We personally take care of booking a room for hours in the area of Madrid where it suits you , looking for the privacy that we consider important for an appointment with one of the Madrid escorts you choose within which you can contemplate your photos and characteristics people on our website, as well as your sexual services and massages.

Our escorts in Madrid travel to both hotels and homes to perform the services you prefer, including those of massage therapists, but if instead you are looking for a place that feels the same as at home, we are also dedicated to offering you the best room for hours in luxury apartments so you can meet our Madrid escorts intensely.

Meetings in concerted luxury apartments


As you can see in the services that appear next to the photos of our escorts in Madrid, along with their own photos, all the girls move to luxurious, erotic apartments, decorated with great taste, with an indispensable private shower, large and Better services Actually they are spacious rooms that are located within an apartment center for hours, and that are characterized by offering the best conditions so that the appointment with one of our escorts in Madrid is always very private. Renting one of these luxury apartment rooms is the best guarantee of being with the Madrid escorts in absolute privacy.


A big difference with the floor girls


Unlike the girls in Madrid who pretend to be escorts and who perform their services in an old apartment, in buildings with many years, with little hygienic and ventilated rooms, without the presence private shower and what they call an apartment, our luxury escorts will always perform the services you demand in comfortable and discreet luxury apartments for hours in the different areas of Madrid.

What we see in the hundreds of ads of the alleged independent escorts in cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​are still claims and then find a floor with hallway, a single shower and where it shines Due to its absence the privacy, discretion and comfort of the rooms where the girls or masseuses perform their services.

Actually these ads, where girls who are not exactly escorts are offered, are from certain floors where the girls and masseuses of Madrid who occupy what is usually called a square. That is, they are usually for a certain time on those floors and then leave for others. As in Barcelona, ​​these flats abound in Madrid, which in most cases are illegal, without any privacy and with escorts of all nationalities and from very different years who occupy a place independently and in the downtown area where there is a lot of traffic of men looking for cheap paid sex, but not in the best conditions.

Our escorts in Madrid are girls who deserve much more suitable places than a simple small room without privacy, therefore, they will never make appointments in low quality apartments, precisely because they do not deserve our customers, who always look for the best conditions and a service as private as possible.


How to book a room in luxury apartments?


The policy of our Madrid escort agency is responsible for offering the client, who has already seen the photos of the ladies on the web, to rent the room with one of the different apartments luxury with many services and with which we work and offer the best services. In this way you just have to tell us which area is best for you, the time you want to book, or on other occasions the hours you prefer to enjoy the pleasures of sex in the company of one of our luxury escorts in Madrid always in the best conditions from the place of the appointment. Rental apartments that offer the largest rooms with the best services.

He shouldn’t worry anymore. Just to enjoy the services that the chosen luxury escort provides and the best rooms, delighting in this way not only the company of the escorts of Madrid, but also the comfort, privacy and luxury offered by the best apartments for hours from all over Madrid.

Usually the escorts are usually already in the room waiting for them, but also these apartments that have different types of rooms, have a kind of private room where Madrid escorts can wait for you to that the encounter has a little more warmth. From this area they can go to the room for hours where no one will disturb them.

There are also no halls in this type of center, designed for privacy and discretion, so that both your stay, as well as the entrance and exit, do not have to cross anyone.

They can extend the number of hours if you are really comfortable with the company and services of the selected Madrid escort. Just pick up the phone and tell the person in charge that you want to enjoy more of the room and of course the good sex offered by the Madrid escort.


Can I request the reservation with days in advance?


The answer is yes. These apartments that rent rooms for hours are open 365 days a year, 27 hours. That is, any time is good to have an appointment with one of our luxury escorts in Madrid that you could see in the photos on the web. But for men or couples who are passing through Madrid, and want to book in advance and cautiously that not all rooms are free the day and time they want, we take care of making the reservation with enough time for him you just have to enjoy the charm of Spanish ladies, who act as escorts in Madrid.

The good relationship that exists between our agency of luxury escorts and the apartments dedicated to the rental of rooms for hours, is close and cordial. So it is always better for us to do the management, which the client can also do if he wishes.

The same luxury apartment chains that rent rooms for hours for escorts also operate in Barcelona, ​​with identical rates and always pending the privacy of both the client and the escorts.

Outside Spain they are well known, since in general, in other countries there is no figure of this type of apartment for hours, not even for couples, so necessarily the client or the escort must pay the full cost of a hotel room, even if only for one hour. And of course the escort will not be able to use it to perform hourly services with other clients.

And it is that in Spain in relation to paid sex everything is much more advanced than in other European countries where it is the private clubs that work best.


Advantages of luxury apartments for hours


If we compare the thousands of ads that come to light every day on contact websites, where fake photos, escorts or masseurs who work for hours in supposed private apartments proliferate, which later turn out to be floors old, with many years, and without minimal reforms that guarantee hygiene, luxury apartments for hours are true pleasure palaces. A policy that works with a professional girl of fast sex but not very sure.

By using a simile, it’s like comparing a pension with a five star. And referring to the girls who have a place in one of these flats, because they are usually not just Spanish escorts with a few years, but women who have spent almost their entire lives from floor to floor in a professional way traveling through seasons all the cities of Spain. Every two or three months, I change the area of ​​Spain as an authentic professional, but only in relation to sex. Not as a luxury escort or companion, just to cover a place in each city of Spain. But always, and as we mentioned before with the resource of ads in portals of low quality, at very low prices, and with fake photos and in the most unfortunate conditions. And what is more important, in rooms of flats with no privacy. This is the way of working for many girls in Spain who care too much about occupying a place to perform their services in a room where they work and sleep without leaving them days and days of the week, until their place ends, and They go to another area of ​​Spain.

The other side of the coin are the Madrid escorts and the privacy of being able to hold a meeting in large, spacious luxury rooms, with an erotic climate, shower or private jacuzzi in line With the beauty of one of our escorts that you could see her real photos previously.


Privacy and discretion


None of the clients who have enjoyed the services of our few-year-old luxury escorts have complained about their passage through one of the rooms of the luxury apartments with the We work closely.

These are buildings located in the best areas of Madrid, such as the Barrio de Salamanca, Castellana, Plaza de España or Moncloa. All the rooms of the apartments are periodically renovated, so that the feeling of change of the erotic environment is warm and close and with a great possibility of all services. But above all they are have a discreet and private character for their willingness to go unnoticed. Something that luxury escorts in Madrid also like, since no one will be exposed to curious looks even though they are located in the center of Madrid.

There are several types of rooms. From the most basic that has its own shower, to the room that has a private jacuzzi, ideal for spending hours of sex and massage with one of our escorts in Madrid. These super luxury rooms, which offer a multitude of services, are usually rented normally for more hours, without danger of anyone knocking on the door or ringing the telephone and are chosen by clients who decide to enjoy all the services that one of our escorts Madrid luxury offers, including erotic massages.

Due to its large dimensions, the possibility of consuming drinks of all kinds, internet, erotic details of precious taste, it is the most similar to the room of a five-star hotel, regarding services , like the ones we can find in Spain. Your hourly rental offers the feeling of privacy of your own home. A room with its own shower, large and where to enjoy from the preliminaries to the massages.

For many foreigners who come from outside Spain to Madrid, it is something new since they offer the services they are looking for in these super-luxury rooms, which they prefer before their own hotel .

Our policy encompasses much more than offering the most beautiful, sexy and educated escort girls in Madrid; We always want to go beyond what we advise customers who need a room which of all is the one you like, protect their privacy, offer better services; All this after having selected among the photos the luxury escort who likes to enjoy the massages and services of a beautiful Spanish girl.

We offer a comprehensive service; It is our policy. We leave nothing to chance and less the services of the place where a passionate encounter between client and escort will take place, so we consider that the room where they are large is in the center, and is not much less a house that rents rooms without more.

Many are the advertisements where they offer rooms for hours in Madrid. But we know that for the rates and conditions they would not be liked by our clients or by our girls escorts in Madrid since they do not have the services of the luxury rooms of the rental apartments for hours.

For this reason, we ignore these multiple ads that offer a dubious quality service, but as we say, our policy is always based on offering the best room for you to enjoy, the tranquility and privacy, are fundamental pillars of a service.


Better than my hotel room?


It definitely depends on the tastes of each one. The hourly apartments offer a service in terms of facilities comparable to the rooms of the best hotels, but we understand that many clients do not want to receive luxury escorts in the room where they stay in Madrid.

What we do in the apartment room with the escort will be a secret between the two. And he will stay locked in that room for the rest of eternity. In Madrid there are many indiscreet eyes that cannot reach a discreet room in an apartment. If we ask any escort where she prefers to work, whether in a hotel room or in an apartment, the escort will always lean towards the room of an apartment. Nobody is going to bother you there and you will enjoy watching time go by as you wish, whether having sex, talking, etc.

On many occasions customers come to Madrid for work, but they do so in the company of colleagues. That is why they prefer the hourly rental of a room in one of the apartments that we propose. There will go the luxury escort and enjoy with great tranquility of their massages and the rest of their services.

Other times, ladies who go to hotels must be accredited to go up to the client’s hotel room. Have your permission, get a key to the elevator or wait for it in the lobby. All this is uncomfortable while indiscreet, so the option of renting a room for hours is much more comfortable. Even other clients who come from outside Spain, attracted by the photos of our beautiful luxury escorts in Madrid, their services, their massages, their few years, but they are also curious to be with them enjoying in this type of rental room for hours you have heard a lot about. What they least want without a doubt is getting into a house or apartment of independent girls. They are concerned about the hygiene of the escorts, the conditions as well as the insecurity of neighborhoods in the center of Madrid, as reflected in the advice on Madrid in the guides published outside of Spain.

For this reason they opt for the rental of a luxury apartment with the services offered by an escort in Madrid that has the support of a few-year-old girl agencies to have a private service , safe and discreet. It will be with one of the luxury escorts chosen among the photos of the web with which you will really enjoy without a doubt a private, erotic and pleasant service.

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